Tripolar is a rocking classic rock and beyond party band, we make no pretense otherwise, we look for fun gigs - we're out to have a good time, and want to take as many people with us as we can!!!  

If you're booking an event and want one of the finest bands in three counties to perform at your
contact Paul at 815-434-2112 (Paul@Music and More)

Audio of us playinng Zep's Rock And Roll
Check us out on Youtube.

Identity: Party Rock; Classic Rock (Motown, R&B, Blues, Funk, and Rock)

We are working on our new CD which will be out in the Fall.



Upcoming Dates

Thank you to Chuggerz in Ottawa, the H20 in Seneca, and Ottawa Highschool for making 2010 the most fun year ever!

- For booking contact Paul at 815-434-2112 (Paul@Music and More)

- We're in the studio working on a new CD, Joey Vana Producing/Engineering hoping for a Fall of 2011 release.
When Jorge Leal joined the fold, the circle was completed and the timing and planets finally aligned for us to make our mark on the world of recorded original music. We only play original music by request, but we're having a riot in the studio now doing what we love to do.
Sound files to be posted soon!

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Paul Dobroth (Bass and Lead and Backing vocals, Roadie)

Paul and Brian having been playing with a rotating cast of charicters working together on and off for over 20 years and their partnership also includes Professional Musician Supply and Music & More in Ottawa IL.

Brian Moritz (Guitar and Lead and Backing vocals, Roadie)

Brian's recorded work with Balance II and Distorted Priorities is known around the world, with product distributed throughout the world on OIE Records and DP Media.

Jorge Leal (Drums)

The newest member of the band is also the newest on the planet, at a ripe old age of 24, he brings youthful exuberance (and double bass drumming) to the fold, but has the experience and maturity of guys twice his age.